Episode #27 – Did the Chinese Beat Columbus to the New World? (Part II)

The deeper you dig into the claims made in 1421: The Year China Discovered America the weirder the story becomes. The author Gavin Menzies boldly asserts that the fleets of the Chinese Admiral Zheng He managed to circumnavigate the globe some 100 years before Europeans. But he is not content to stop there! By the end of his controversial book Menzies has the junks of Zheng He accomplishing feats of navigation that would not be repeated again until the late 19th century. But does his evidence stand up to scrutiny? Tune in and find out how paranormal maps, forged carbon dating tests, and prehistoric giant sloths all play a role in the story!pirireis-r

The Piri Reis Map

 co20tatwcaa1rofThis is the controversial detail from the Piri Reis Map. The dude on the right is Menzies’ “mylodon”.

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